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A simple and flexible way to start your cloud journey

  • Expenses and user rights management through projects
  • Separated global user rights and project access
  • Configurable budget and resource project limits
  • Connection of existing cloud accounts to the emma infrastructure

Compute resources

emma deploys and manages virtual machines

  • One-stop shop to manage all multi-cloud compute instances
  • Basic operations: power on, power off, clone, snapshot, and resize
  • Transfer virtual machines and data between providers and locations in just a few clicks

Spot instances

Rent unused provider capacities for short-term tasks and save up to 90%

  • Single wizard to find the least expensive and available spot in the world. Real-time offers and prices across all regions of supported providers.


A service to create a multi-cloud redundant Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes

  • Configure both geo- and provider-spread failure zones
  • Use spot-based autoscaling node groups to minimize total cluster costs
  • User-friendly management through the k8s dashboard


eStore manages the deployment of both applications and underlying infrastructure

  • Off-the-shelf solutions to meet your Security, Network, Devops, Databases, Analytics, and Backup needs
  • Both single node and clustered installations available
  • Built-in Web UI to access deployed applications


emma provides insights to optimize the infrastructure

  • emma ML engine analyzes and extrapolates resource usage
  • Summary resources and costs dashboards for services, projects, and the entire infrastructure
  • Real-time consumption-based monitoring of virtual machines


Built-in multi-cloud network connectivity across the globe

  • Direct Connects and guaranteed bandwidth
  • Security groups management


A built-in automated service to control, backup and recover all your data anywhere in the multi-cloud

  • Management of infrastructure backup through policies and explicit rules
  • Optional cross-provider replication of backups

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